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What are the advantages of the RAINMASTER Favorit against a submersible pump?

The RAINMASTER Favorit water supply unit, in addition to the pump, contains a built-in DVGW-approved supplemental mains water back-up. This allows the system to continuously operate on mains water, even when there is a rainwater or greywater shortage in the tank. Alternately, in case a submersible pump has been installed, mains water can be added to the tank with a regulated “air gap". In most installation cases it is not possible to safely do this, since the  “air gap" must be installed above the back-flushing level (usually the road height).

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Why do I need a speed controller?

INTEWA offers the RAINMASTER Favorit water supply unit with or without speed control. The speed control increases the cost of the system but offers great advantages for the user. Since only small flow volumes are normally required, the system runs significantly smoother. The RAINMASTER Favorit SC speed controller can save up to 40% on power costs and dramatically increase the operational life of the system. RAINMASTER Favorit SC

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Should an expansion tank be installed on the pressure line and how large must it be?

We generally recommend the installation of a small expansion tank, of about 5 litres, be used with the system. The expansion tank prevents water hammer, increases the service life of system components and minimises frequent pump start-ups should leaks occur.

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What if the intake length is > 15 m and the intake depth > 2 m?

INTEWA offers as an accessory, a charging pump for the RAINMASTER Favorit. Multi-pump installations require a preliminary collection tank. The water from the main collection tank is pumped to the preliminary tank using a submersible pump near the installed RAINMASTER Favorits. From there, the RAINMASTER Favorit water supply units pump the rain- or greywater where it is required. RAINMASTER Favorit

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Can the RAINMASTER Favorit also be used as system separator?

Yes, thanks to the built-in “air gap“, certified to EN1717, the RAINMASTER Favorit fulfills the highest requirements regarding system separation and can even be used in medical clinics as system separators for connection to the mains water supply.

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Are RAINMASTER Favorit SC multi-pump systems more expensive than conventional systems?

No, RAINMASTER Favorit SC multi-pump systems are often cheaper than conventional multi-pump systems. This is made possible by economies of scale in production. Only the RAINMASTER Favorit SC water supply unit allows real redundancy and thus the highest possible operational reliability in commercial or public buildings.


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